Great material for my OTHER Facebook;

halal fake news

Great material for my OTHER Facebook;
BFNN (British Fake News Network) is an Onion-esque satirical site that goes after the right wing Britain First crowd—and others—by way of fighting fire with fire with a deftly crafted form of click-baiting mirror imagery. The name BFNN is clearly designed to be misinterpreted as Britain First News Network. They match the incendiary content of rabble-rousing,hate-spewing, anti-immigration, hyper-nationalist neo-fascism with counter-incendiary posts of equally rousing tenor, but in a somewhat deceptively veiled reflection that shows the glaring insipidity of the original post…and audience.
I get to see a lot of this sort of humor courtesy of my British Facebook friends. While many of the cultural idiosyncrasies are lost on me, I have to give them two thumbs up on their mastery, if not invention, of dry humor. No one, but NO ONE, does dry humor like the British.
The real beauty of this type of satire lies in the heartbreakingly sad reflection of us, the audience, to be found in the comments section. While the tone deaf and clueless reception by zealots and true believers is equally hilarious and saddening, there is no greater testament to the satirist’s joke than having that joke retold by those who don’t realize it is a joke.
To me, the real point of satire or dry humor like this is like the true goal of mastering the Dim Mak Death Touch; It is not just a matter of knowing your adversary will die, but when? How long will they be able to walk around, blithely unconcerned and unknowing, before the blow takes its toll? When the dead men walking of the Internet comment sections feverishly rebut the well-intentioned rebuttals that seek to inform them that they have been played, this is tragicomedy on the grandest scale.


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