Closest I’ve ever come to heat stroke.


A friend (scowling, right) called me out to work on one of his jobs today. 106 F, 10 hour day (May 30, 2015). I was fortunate it was an easy, ground floor to ground floor gig with a good crew and genuinely nice clients. This was the first really hot day of the Summer and only the second day I have worked this year.
I was crying and dying. Closest I’ve ever come to heat stroke.
What got me was that my friend kept apologizing for the wage; $20 an hour. It’s a little less than what I was paying him almost 15 years ago.
I explained to him that I was tickled shitless with $20 an hour. No job I have applied for in the past few years–with a new diploma and 30 years of sales and management experience–paid anything even near that.
It’s not the money I used to make. It is considerably harder to do in my condition and at my age. It is miles away from my career goals, plans and projections. It is a younger man’s work and it has a very real possibility of killing me.
However, given the alternatives, if he calls me again……….
I’ll try and post pics.


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